Great Clips - Draper, UT 84020 - Services and Reviews (2024)

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Great Clips Draper offers affordable haircuts for men, women, and kids. Great Clips salons offer various hair care services including haircuts, beard trims, bang trims, and shampooing. We are open evenings and weekends, no appointment necessary. Walk-ins welcome or check-in online to skip the wait. With ClipNotes, you’ll get a great cut every time! We look forward to serving you!

Casual salon offering haircuts for adults & kids along with professional styling products for sale.

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Located In: Harmons Grocery – Bangerter Crossing


Thursday9 AM–8 PM
Friday9 AM–8 PM
Saturday8 AM–7 PM
Sunday9 AM–5 PM
Monday9 AM–8 PM
Tuesday9 AM–8 PM
Wednesday9 AM–8 PM


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Mens Haircut
Womens Haircut
Child Haircut
Kids Haircut
Boys Haircut
Girls Haircut
Senior Haircut
Formal Style
Bang Trim
Neck Trim
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Address: 129 E 13800 S, Bangerter Hwy Ste 1A, Draper, UT 84020

Phone: (801) 495-9434


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Gabriel Viana-Mayer

Worst haircut I have ever gotten! (Even by great clip standards) Don’t want to say anything bad about the stylist because it looked like she was really trying. I just wish that she would have been honest about her abilities before doing whatever she did to my hair. If you find yourself needing a haircut and everywhere is closed. Attempt to cut your own hair or wait until Monday. Promise either of those options will be better!

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P Lopez

Yesterday I went to the Great Clips at Bangerter Crossing and not only did I get a terrible haircut, I was harassed by the manager on top of that! Instead of showing patience and kindness after the clearly visible mistake, she approached me like a ranging bull and said “well, it’s too short and there’s nothing we can do about that!” Although I remained calm & civil throughout our conversation, she kept interrupting me when I attempted to explain what I had requested from the first hair stylist. I’m a senior citizen and I don’t deserve to be treated like this, let alone anyone else. I agree with other reviewers who’ve also shared such rude treatment at this location. The manager fits this description quite well. My advice to Great Clips is to get rid of her! She’s chasing your customers away like me and she’s doing your reputation a GREAT DISSERVICE!!!

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Carly Selk

I love this location! It’s a higher traffic area, so their wait times can be a bit longer, but they’re always super nice. They may get busy, but they’re never too busy to do an excellent job. I always feel great going here, and have never had a stylist I don’t like.

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Emma Cavin

I’d give 3.5 stars if possible. I usually quite like this place, but my most recent experience was honestly a little disappointing. My stylist was dismissive and didn’t seem very willing to work with me to get the style I wanted. The haircut I ended up with is passable, but not really what I was going for. I don’t write this review to dissuade others from going here, because usually it’s great, but I hope someone from Great Clips sees it just so service can be back to the quality cuts it usually is.

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alex ramos

The lady that cut my son’s hair (my son is an active Army soldier) was rude from the beginning. Today 10/10/22 is free haircut day due to the RSL soccer team winning. My wife showed her the email and we have proof of the tickets. She totally say no to grant the free haircut because no one notified her. With all the proof it shouldn’t be an issue, specially have a nasty attitude.

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Noah Pedersen

Went to the one by Harmon’s, used the app to check-in which was right on time, and got a pretty good haircut.

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Erik Dixon

Stylist made it very clear to my wife and I, that if my child started to cry they would discontinue the haircut. Recommend going somewhere else.

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Callie Bailey

They do a great job here. I feel like most great clips do a good job but these guys do a really great job. And I’ve had them fix my haircut twice from botched jobs from the one on 123rd by Macy’s.Haircut

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Ashleigh Whitmore/Jones

I had Angie cut my hair, and she was amazing! She was open to listening to whatever I wanted done with my hair, not pushy, and we maintained great conversation the entire time.I strongly suggest her!Haircut,Bang trim

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Alex Page

Always a great place to get a haircut. It seemed to be pretty busy and I accidentally did check-in for the wrong location, I walked in and they greeted me right away. We rectified the check in and I was escorted right back to a chair for my cut. Got lots of compliments from the spouse so I know they did a great job. A happy wife is a happy life. Thanks for the great haircut and easy experience.

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Great Clips - Draper, UT 84020 - Services and Reviews (2024)
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