Easy Low-Carb Chicken & Dumplings- 5 Ingredient Recipe (2024)

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Craving the comfort of a nice, warm bowl of good ol’ fashion Chicken and Dumplin’s but watching your carb and/or calorie intake? In this recipe, I am sharing my easy, low-carb take on this southern staple….

During my recent weight loss journey post (you can read all about it here), I shared how I do my best to tweak classic comfort-food recipes so that they not only appease the boys in my household, but so that they are also macro friendly. Ideally, I prefer dishes that won’t spike my insulin.

Not only does this make life easier by not having to formulate multiple dinner menus each night – catering to everyone’s picky palette, but it also prevents me from diet burn-out.

Ultimately, I love food and have learned from weight fluctuations in the past, that elimination diets are not ideal for me.

I have to actually enjoy the flavor of the meals I consume (f**K bland chicken and kale on the daily).

In fact, restricting myself actually makes me fixate on food all the more- ultimately leading to binge eating.

Not only do I need recipes to be somewhat “clean-ish”, I need them to be super simple.

Given that I actually don’t enjoy to cook, I prefer my ingredient list as minimal as possible. So here is all you need to make my Low Carb Chicken and Dumplin’s..

Low-Carb Chicken and Dumplin’s Ingredients:

  • 4 large boneless skinless chicken breasts
  • 32 oz Chicken Bone Broth (I get mine at Aldi)
  • 3 tablespoons Grassfed Irish Butter
  • 1 pack of Low-Carb Flour Tortillas (I get mine at Aldi)
  • salt and pepper
  • (optional) chicken bouillon cubes OR one can of Cream of Chicken

So I know some of ya’ll are scratching your heads over the flour tortillas in this ingredient list, but this is actually an old-school trick my mom taught me years ago.

You see, once the flour tortillas boil for 15 to 20 minutes on the stove, they actually change consistency and will soften up and bloat just like legit dumplings. So just trust me on this one…

How to Make Low Carb Chicken and Dumplin’s:

(Step 1). Coat a crock pot with olive oil, place chicken breasts in the bottom of the crock pot and season the breasts with salt and pepper. Pour chicken bone broth over the chicken breasts (I used most of the 32 oz container, but not the entire package). Cook chicken on high for 4 hours or low for 8 hours. (Each crockpot varies in temperature so adjust accordingly)

(Step 2). After chicken has cooked, remove the breasts out of the broth and shred on a separate plate.

(Step 3). Pour the broth from the crockpot into a large pot and bring to a boil on the stove.

(Step 4). While you are waiting on broth to boil, cut all of your low-carb flour tortillas into strips (I used a pizza cutter as pictured above).

(Step 5). Once broth has come to a boil, add 3 tablespoons of butter. For more flavor, you can also add chicken bouillon cubes. Unfortunately, I didnt have chicken bouillon so I added a can of cream of chicken. Stir all ingredients together. (Note:I tend to like super salty food, so if you want to keep this recipe as clean as possible, you can skip the cream of chicken and/or bouillon cubes) It’s a bad habit..I know!

(Step 6). Dump the shredded chicken into the stovetop pot and stir. Now, add your flour tortilla strips in, one at a time.

(Step 7). Allow the strips to boil on medium for 15-20 minutes (you probably want to reduce heat setting after initial boil). You can press on the dumplins with a utensil to keep them submerged, but do not stir them too much. Cook dumplins until they are soft and broth has thickened.

(Step 8). If needed, season with salt and pepper to taste and serve!

TIP: If you like the consistency of this dish a little thicker, leave it uncovered on the stove with a low setting until it thickens to your liking. Just be careful not to leave it for too long as the broth will completely evaporate, and you may have a mushy mess on your hands.

I hope you guys enjoyed my recipe hack today!

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If you found this post helpful, please share with a friend or on social media! Thank you so much for the support!

Now get out there and design some good vibes along with a fabulous life!

Easy Low-Carb Chicken & Dumplings- 5 Ingredient Recipe (2024)
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