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At C’zar we strive to obtain a culture that elevates everyone who enters our space. We believe in a team that is professional, creative and passionate about our industry. Kindness is at our core. We take responsibility to care for the world that we live in and the people that we touch. Our goal is to enhance your mind, body & soul.

C'zar Salon Spa - Bolingbrook - Bolingbrook, IL 60440 - Services and Reviews (2)

Located In: The Promenade Bolingbrook

Appointments: czarspa.com


Saturday9 AM–4 PM
Tuesday9 AM–8 PM
Wednesday9 AM–8 PM
Thursday9 AM–8 PM
Friday9 AM–6 PM


Hair Salon
Hair coloring
Bang trim
Beard trim
Body waxing
Curly hair
Gloss or Glaze
Hair extensions
Hair glossing
Hair highlighting
Hair hydration treatments
Keratin treatments
Kids’ cuts
Ombre hair color
Acupuncture Therapist
Aveda Aroma Scalp Massage
Bobs & Pixies
Chakra Balancing Massage
Color Appointments
Conventional Makeup
Custom Airbush
Deep Tissue
First Facial
Grooming Nails
Hair Artists
Hair Facials
Hair Models
Keratin Smoothing
Neck And Shoulders Massage
Seated Massage 15 Min
Smoothing Blow Dry
Traditional Massage
Waxing And Tinting Services
Airbrush Application
Airbrush Makeup
Aveda Botanical Repair
Barbers Hair
Barbicide Certified
Blow Dry & Style
Botanical Repair Treatment
Brow Tint
Customized Massage Treatment
Day Spa
Deep Muscle Massage
Hair Repair
Head Massage
Hot Stone Massage
Lash Tint
Massage & Acupuncture
Massage Enhancements
Massage Techniques
Massage Therapist
Men’s Grooming
Partial Foil
Pixie Cut
Pregnancy Massage
Relaxing Massage
Salon Spa
Salon Spas
Spa Manicure
Swedish / Relaxation
Swedish Massage
Thermal Style
Waxing Brow Shaping
Facial treatments
Makeup services
Day Spa
Skin treatments
Beauty Salon
Acne treatments
Acrylic nails
Brazilian waxing
Nail Salon
Foot massages
Facial Spa
Acne facial
Anti-aging facial
Aromatherapy facial
Basic facial
Chemical peels
Deep cleansing facial
Facial lymphatic drainage
Glycolic peels
PCA oxygenating treatments
Pigmentation problem treatments
Rosacea facial

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Address and Contact Information

Address: 641 E Boughton Rd #145, Bolingbrook, IL 60440

Phone: (630) 739-4949

Website: http://www.czarspa.com/

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Radina Nikodimova

I am gladly changing my review after the C’zar team quickly responded to my concern. I was scheduled with the owner, who took her time with my hair. I got lots of good advice for my curls, and also some product recommendations! I really appreciated the gesture, and I will be definitely visiting again.

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It was my birthday, so I decided to treat myself to a facial and full body massage. Both services were nice and the ladies providing the services were great. Taelor paid attention to the details I mentioned about my sensitive skin. She made sure she used the right products. I was given a room to relax in with headphones to listen to nice soothing music after my facial., until it was time for the massage. I felt so pampered for my birthday. I will return. Thanks ladies, good customer service.

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Vani U

It makes me sad to post this one star review after having been a client of Czar Naperville and Bolingbrook for about 6 years. My regular hairstylist had an emergency and I used a different stylist for color. She was a level 3 stylist and I usually see a level 7/master stylist. The color had dripped all over my neck, in my ears, and it was a mess. This had never happened before. I was also charged extra for the color. I shared my concerns with the salon manager and her response to me was that for 6 years I was being undercharged. She also justified color running all over me as normal. She also blamed all the past stylists i had seen and said they messed up and did not charge me correctly. There was not a single apology. I will not be back. Czar has had a lot of turnover with their stylists. Their experienced stylists have always been amazing and that’s why I have been a customer for so long. I cannot say the same of what the service is now sadly. Also, it’s very unprofessional to blame past stylists with a current customer. The response from the owner below furthers my comments about blaming others for mistakes. Next time you have a bad haircut or another bad experience they will tell you they were right and will tell you all the reasons you are wrong.

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Chris Kowal

Wow, what a difference 24 hours have made! Went for a deep tissue and oh my do I feel better. I highly recommend Chona. She was great and a very nice person as well. Thank you and will definitely be back!

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Gabby Mora

Cece did a fantastic job with my haircut! She listened and adjusted when I asked.The salon is really nice and clean. The rest of the staff is lovely, too.Haircut

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Rachel Schmitz

The best haircut I’ve ever received! If you have curly hair, don’t hesitate to book Emily, she is extremely knowledgeable and answered all my product & styling questions that I couldn’t figure out on my own.Haircut,Curly hair

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Natasha Maximoff

I am appalled at my hair coloring results. I asked for a shadow root blend and what I got was distinct, harsh, too dark, thick lines that begin at my roots and abruptly and unevenly stop midway through my hair. There’s literally no blend. The hair colorist quite literally just dragged her brush down, abruptly stopped, and repeated the process. I am shocked that this level of subpar execution came from a “professional”.

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jackie DeNardo

CeCe did an amazing job explaining all coloring aspects so we had a clear picture of what we would expect and she did not disappoint! Beautiful results!! My daughter and I could not be happier with the overall treatment plan CeCe delivered. We love my daughters hair! Thank you!!Hairstyling,Hair coloring,Blowdry,Hair highlighting

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Jeanifer Kimbrough

I had a 90 min massage and a 90 min facial. Both were absolutely divine. I generally live in high stress. I left there feeling free and relaxed. Thank youFoot massages

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Sheila Esquivel

I’ve been going here the past year getting a haircut usually. CeCe is amazing. Recently came to change my look. I went with a Red balayage showed CeCe what I wanted and she did amazing!Balayage,Haircut

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C'zar Salon Spa - Bolingbrook - Bolingbrook, IL 60440 - Services and Reviews (2024)
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