1996 Bayliner 1950 Capri Bowrider Runabout Ski Boat - boats - by owner - marine sale - craigslist (2024)

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1996 Bayliner 1950 Capri Bowrider Runabout Ski Boat - boats - by owner - marine sale - craigslist (1)

propulsion type: power

condition: good

engine hours (total): 300

length overall (LOA): 20

make / manufacturer: Bayliner

model name / number: 1950 Capri

year manufactured: 1996

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Alright… if you have been looking for that “Well Taken Care” of boat, the boat that is perfect for the family, and that boat that will allow you to ski, pull tubes, cruise the lake or bay, or just sit out in the middle of the water (floating with the engine off) and enjoy the rays of the sun - THIS IS IT:).

This is the perfect boat that is VERY affordable (for a boat:)) - with gas, repairs, and storage. Not too big, and not too small! It seats 6-8 comfortably between the open bow and the seats in the stern part of the boat. It is very easy to tow, launch, and load up after a fun day on the water. The 3.0 liter inboard/outboard Mercruiser runs very nice and is very efficient (for a boat:)) and will be certain to keep the gas prices for the day to a minimum which will help your wallet. The open bow makes it very nice for the kids or for yourselves to lay down and soak up the rays from under power or at rest.

For your consideration… is a 1996 Bayliner 1950 Capri Bowrider Runabout w/ the matching painted trailer. The exterior shows very well, a few blemishes here and there - but NOTHING major or that stands out as obnoxious. There are a few chips and scratches. There are a few fiberglass repairs - nothing too bad at all. You have to look closely to see the repair.

Now, I have seen many, many of these Bayliner boats (and other years & makes/models) that have highly damaged interior upholstery. NOT this one! The interior is in beautiful condition, especially for being over 25 years old. Yes, it was stored inside almost all of its life. Upholstery is VERY expensive to have repaired - THOUSANDS of dollars and you WON’T have to do ANY of that with this boat at time of delivery. I saw one tiny rip in one seat in the stern area… and that was IT! The color, the fabric, and the cushions are in beautiful shape. The gauges, stereo, lights, windshield, etc look and work great. The steering, tilt, and engine work beautifully. The engine sounds excellent and has no leaks or issues known of. This boat is pretty much turn key as the tabs are current and legal. You will need to buy a first-aid kit, flares, and maybe a few other Coast Guard required items to be 100% ready - but as for the mechanical and cosmetic condition of the 1950 Capri - It os calling your families name and is begging to be put in the water once again!

Because of a wheel hub failing, there is a new axle and hub assemblies being installed. There are new wheel wells being put on and yes, - the two tires are BRAND-NEW with a cost of approx. $400.00 for them. We are also going to install a new tongue that is going on to make it that much easier to hook-up and un-hook. The trailer lights work perfectly too.

ALSO - this boat is a two owner boat with the current owner owning it for almost 20 years. Yes, almost 20 years. That makes this boat that much better because these folks know everything that is to be known about the boat which includes repairs, etc. This is the only way to buy an older boat!!!

As the pictures show… there are MANY extra items that come with this 1996 “1950 Capri”! Take your time and look at all the pictures. A towable tube, an extra three bladed balanced prop, rope, depth/fish finders, fishing pole holders, life jackets, anchor, battery charger, ski safety flag, and a full canvas boat cover along with a bimini cover, and much more. Everything taken care of. The owner of this boat knows exactly how to take care of a valuable piece of “enjoyment” equipment - AND THIS BOAT SHOWS IT!

A little while back, they spent close to $2000.00 having an exhaust manifold replaced. Yes, there have been small repairs here and there - nothing major though. The boat has been a beautiful family boat, a boat that has been well maintained through her life, and one that is rare to find in the condition you see in the pictures. The boat might not have ever seen salt water as the engine and the lower unit doesn’t show it.

This good looking, perfect family ski/crabbing/fishing boat is looking for a new home as the current long time owner just upgraded to a much bigger and newer boat. One that will work for him and his wife.

You will spend a little more at the beginning, now, but you’re not buying someone else’s problems, fixing needs, or headaches. Money spent now is usually money saved later, plus you need not be embarrassed about owning this boat. New boats of this size are literally tens of thousands of dollars. This is a huge savings and a boat you are sure to love to own and use. Memories for everyone!


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    1996 Bayliner 1950 Capri Bowrider Runabout Ski Boat - boats - by owner - marine sale - craigslist (2024)
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